Goodyear Airship Crashes

Monday 13th June 2011 at 06:46

Goodyear American Blimp A-60+ G-TLEL
This is the Goodyear Airship G-TLEL that crashed

Goodyear American Blimp A-60+ airship G-TLEL caught fire and crashed on 12th June 2011 shortly before landing at an airfield in Reichelsheim, Germany.

Passengers jump to safety

The three passengers onboard survived after jumping down from a height of 2m to safety and were unharmed after one of the airships engines caught fire while on approach to land. Shortly after the passengers jumped it is reported that  the airship then quickly gained height and the airship burst into flames and eventually fell to the ground on a nearby meadow with the loss of the pilot.
The airship was manufactured by the American Blimp Company based in Oregon which is the largest manufacturer of  blimps in the United States.
The crashed Goodyear Airship
Goodyear American Blimp A-60+ G-TLEL
Goodyear has for many years used airships for advertising purposes.
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Report by Derek Pedley

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