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Boeing 707-123

Date Taken:
June 1982
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Aircraft Data

The Boeing 707 was the first non military jet to be commercially successful and is generally credited as ushering in the Jet Age. It established Boeing as the worlds largest makers of airliners. Dash80 was the name of the prototype.

The 707-100 entered commercial service in 1958 when Pan Am flew it from New York to Paris in eight hours and 41 minutes which was twice as fast as the previous propeller planes

Summary data for Boeing 707 100
Country of originFirst flightNo. builtNo. in serviceCrewPassengers
USA195414423110 - 179


4 x Pratt & Whitney JT3D/TF33 (16000 - 21000 lbf) turbofan engines.


Dimensions for Boeing 707 100
Length144 ft. 6 in.
Wing Span130 ft. 10 in.
Height42 ft. 5 in.
Empty Weight122,533 lbs.
Max Weight257,000 lbs.


Performance of Boeing 707 100
Max Speed540 mph
Cruise Speed500 mph
Ceiling43,000 ft.
Normal Range3,530nm
Max Range3,680nm

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