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Bristol Brabazon

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Photo circa 1946. Close up of the tail section of the Bristol Brabazon while under construction as Filton.

Bristol Aeroplane Company

Aircraft Data

The Bristol Brabazon was designed to fly from London to New York non-stop with 100 passengers in a spacious cabin. It was the first aircraft with 100% powered flying controls, electric engine controls, high-pressure hydraulics and AC electrics.

Passengers would not spend 12 hours flying across the Atlantic in a Brabazon when they could do it in 7 hours in a fast jet engined aircraft. In 1953 with no orders and after less than 400 hours flying time the prototype aircraft G-AGPW was broken up.

Summary data for Bristol Brabazon -
Country of originFirst flightNo. builtNo. in serviceCrewPassengers
United Kingdom19491n/a3100


8 x Bristol Centaurus (2520 - 3000 hp) piston engines.

eight paired counter-rotating propellers on four forward-facing nacelles


Dimensions for Bristol Brabazon -
Length177 ft. 0 in.
Wing Span230 ft. 0 in.
Height50 ft. 0 in.
Empty Weight145,100 lbs.
Max Weight290,000 lbs.


Performance of Bristol Brabazon -
Max Speed300 mph
Cruise Speed250 mph
Ceiling25,000 ft.
Normal Range4,500nm
Max Range4,800nm

Updated 27th February 2009

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