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Fokker F-7 Aircraft Search Results

Browse our comprehensive image library to see photos of Fokker F-7 aviation and aircraft.

Image ID: 112622
SABENA SABCA-Fokker F.VIIb-3m OO-AIT and Air France Wibault-Penhoet 28...
Wibault-Penhoet 282T-12
Image ID: 98179
The first OO-AIL Fokker F.VII built in 1930 crashed at Melles-le-Gand ...
Fokker F.VIIb
Image ID: 98177
This the second Junkers G.38 D-2500 and later D-APIS. it flew successf...
Junkers G.38
Image ID: 20958
Fokker F-VII (F-7)
Fokker F-VII (F-7)
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