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Vickers Super VC10-1151

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February 1977
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Aircraft Data

The Vickers VC-10 a British airliner designed to operate on long distance international routes. The primary operator was BOAC. Many were later converted and remain in service today as aerial refuelling and transport aircraft for the RAF

Type 1101 was the standard VC-10 built for BOAC. Type 1106 was a military transport version for the RAF. Type 1151 was the stretched "Super VC-10" operated by BOAC. Type 1154 was a Super combi version operated by East African Airways.

Summary data for Vickers VC10 -
Country of originFirst flightNo. builtNo. in serviceCrewPassengers
United Kingdom196254154109 - 174


4 x Rolls Royce Conway (17150 lbf) turbofan engines.

Type 1101 standard VC-10 was powered by Conway RCo.42 engines. The Type 1151 Super VC-10 was powered by the uprated Conway RCo.43 engines


Dimensions for Vickers VC10 -
Length (Type 1151 Super VC-10)
Wing Span146 ft. 2 in. (Type 1151 Super VC-10)
Height39 ft. 2 in. (Type 1151 Super VC-10)
Empty Weight146,960 lbs. (Type 1151 Super VC-10)
Max Weight335,000 lbs. (Type 1151 Super VC-10)


Performance of Vickers VC10 -
Max Speed580 mph
Cruise Speed500 mph
Ceiling38,000 ft.
Normal Range5,000nm
Max Range5,965nm

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