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Nordurflug Helicopter

Video Description

Norðurflug Helicopter, Iceland’s leading helicopter tour operator has been rated as one of the country’s best tour operators. The company offers a fantastic range of spectacular helicopter tours from its base at Reykavik Airport.

Norðurflug Helicopter´s team led by Birgir Ómar Haraldsson describes the company as one big family with a freakish love of helicopters and a passion for exploring all over Iceland. The pilots are highly experienced and knowledgeable and the variety of exhilarating day-tours the company offers gives a great perspective of Iceland’s magnificent and very diverse landscapes of Iceland.

Norðurflug has provided services to numerous local and international film productions, most recently to teams working on the films Oblivion, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Noah and Interstellar and Icelandair Boeing 757 special Northern Lights scheme Hekla Aurora.

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